Phone Call Capabilities within BOSS

Reid Tattersall

2/28/2024 · 1 min read

Follow these tips for more efficient workflows when dealing with phone calls and BOSS.

  • Setup Screen Pop for incoming phone calls. Most VOIP providers such as Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Fonality, and Five9 support the ability to open a webpage with the inbound caller's number in the URL allowing websites to look up the phone number and display results. Based on your phone provider, the phone system user or admin can automatically launch which will launch BOSS and display a list of matching customers. Screen Pop When you click an entry in the search results, BOSS will store that a phone call occurred.
    eApp note
    Setting up Screen Pop is unique based on your phone provider. You can watch an instructional setup video here showing how to set it up using Microsoft Teams. At BackNine, the admin settings have already been configured, so each user only needs to go to their Teams app's settings and enable "Open apps in browser" > "Allow third party apps to automatically open in a new browser window for incoming PSTN calls."
  • When dealing with outbound phone calls, any phone numbers you click within BOSS will be logged as a phone call.
    Clicked phone number
    Logged phone callYou'll want to make sure your computer can click on phone numbers to make calls so it's convenient to log calls in BOSS while initiating the phone call.
    • On Windows: Search for "Default Apps" > Choose default apps by protocol > TEL (URL:tel) > Change the default program for "TEL". At BackNine, we use Microsoft Teams, so you'd change the default program to Microsoft Teams.
    • On Mac: Open FaceTime, select "FaceTime" > "Settings" > Change the "Default for calls"